Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Close-up of a statue of Goddess of Justice, New Delhi, India

The team at Accord Juris handles litigation and arbitration across the courts in India concerning –
(i) Domestic commercial litigation such as filing and contesting cases arising out of commercial contracts, commercial real estate transactions, shareholders disputes, insolvency and bankruptcy laws;
(ii) Domestic and international arbitration including moving section 9 petitions for specific interim reliefs, section 11 petitions for appoint of Arbitrator and end to end arbitration proceedings till execution of award;
(iii) Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiations for alternative dispute resolutions;
(iv) Representing and co-ordinating with the regulatory and government agencies for procurement of necessary permissions, licenses, approvals and grants for supplementing business operations;
(v) Criminal litigation including advising in filing/Representation including moving criminal quash proceedings on basis of the merits of the case
(vi) Family disputes including Divorce, Custody and other matrimonial issues.